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7Taps Microlearning Course: Blood Pressure Monitoring Training for Non-clinical Staff


September 2023


Instructional Designer

Project type

Microlearning; Asynchronous; Mobile; Blended Learning; Skills Training; Infographics

This project was designed as an assigned case study for my graduate program, to develop training for non-skilled nursing staff to complete blood pressure monitoring for residents living in senior assisted-living facilities.

A micro-course using the 7taps platform was developed to be an efficient and easy-to-update training tool. It is a resource that staff can complete quickly and routinely as needed, and can be updated as processes are improved. While small in size and time commitment, the content can be robust yet specific, target key tasks necessary to learn, and assess learner comprehension. Learning can be done individually or as a group, synchronously or asynchronously, for both new and experienced staff – all of which are key benefits.

7Taps is a mobile app designed to be "tapped" through as the learner progresses through a slide deck. This video simulates that experience in real time - feel free to pause where needed, and make sure your volume is up! When completing the module in the 7Taps url, the learner can spend as much time per slide as needed, and repeat it as many times as necessary. View the accompanying references, infographics, and skills check off form created to be used with this microlearning resource as well.

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